Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Too big to prosecute?

When Uncle Sam shoveled billions of dollars into the financial markets to prevent the collapse of institutions deemed "too big to fail," it should have warned Americans that a new, dual system of justice was being codified by precedent.  Equality under the law is a thing of the past.

For instance, if you are suspected of having a small amount of illegal drugs in your home, you risk waking up to the pleasant sounds of a SWAT team invading your residence (and can count yourself lucky if nobody dies).

If, on the other hand, you're banking officials who merely launder billions of dollars of drug money for narcotics cartels, well, a symbolic fine is the most inconvenience you're likely to face.

"War on drugs?"  What kind of war focuses on the faceless foot soldiers while ignoring the leadership and enabling cadres?  We've done far more harm to our nation in waging this campaign than small platoons of self-destructive addicts ever could have.  After three-plus decades, it's pretty clear who lost this "war:"

Freedom and justice.

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