Monday, December 17, 2012

Thinking versus emoting

Once again, the headlines provide fodder for those who would disarm the population "for the sake of the children."  This is a raw emotional appeal; one that is sadly all too effective among a people who've stopped thinking critically on the important issues of the day.

Others have already written thorough rebuttals to these siren calls for security-via-kum-ba-yah, so I don't see a need to duplicate the effort here.

I do have a question for those making political hay for gun control on the backs of these kids:  what do you think this 14-year old would think of your disarmament plan?  Or this 12-year old?  Or this young, widowed mother?  Or this 77-yr old veteran?

For a nation as obsessed with equality as the United States, it makes little sense to legally prevent law-abiding citizens from obtaining the one proven implement that levels the playing field against those who would take their innocence, their property, or their very life. 

Want to protect the children?  Have armed guardians where they congregate instead of utopian slogans, and teach them early how to defend themselves.  Given the direction our nation is headed, it's probably the second most important lesson to be giving the next generation.

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