Wednesday, May 09, 2012

This 'n' That

Various link leftovers for your perusal...

- Bermuda deports 20-year legal residents as part of effort to protect jobs for 'locals.'

- Meanwhile, the IRS gives over $4 billion a year in 'tax refunds' to illegal immigrants!

- Homeland (in)Security update: TSA is warehousing $184 million in unused equipment;  meanwhile, the Air Force's newest front-line fighter continues to excel -- at making its pilots ill.   (Not to worry: the future's in drones, anyway...)

- Vox considers the hidden costs (and dangers) of the two-income family paradigm:

- "Writing an opinion can get you fired, but assuming a false identity does not?"

- The stars in the sky go 'round and 'round... enjoy!

- A decade of recovery from communism

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