Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Collateral Damage"

That's apparently what the Drug Enforcement Agency calls the harm caused to law-abiding citizens caught in the crossfire of the government's War on Freedom to Protect Everyone From Themselves.
We are no longer governed, but we are ruled....

The government has created a poisonous, paranoid atmosphere in which every player in the painkiller process from manufacturer to patient has been deputized to police every other player, to the point where anyone who doesn’t continually question the motives and actions of everyone else risks losing his livelihood, or even his freedom.

It was ridiculous enough when authorities went after cold medicines in the name of cutting off access to meth lab ingredients.  This latest example merely shows how all of society suffers because those who consider themselves our betters think it's OK to prohibit anything that might be used to cause harm... even if it's only self-inflicted.

These overgrown hall monitor wannabees won't give up their ever-increasing power without a fight...

How badly do we want to be free?

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