Friday, November 04, 2011

I concur...

This post on United Liberty summarizes why I haven't been (and won't be) watching any Republican "debates" this year:
On saying “we have to remove Obama” out of fear and we can only support whoever the eventual GOP Nominee is:  I have to challenge you to point out the differences between the last Republican President or the alternative of McCain, and this Democrat President. We have stayed in Iraq until they are kicking us out, we have escalated Afghanistan, Libya, kept Gitmo open. Leaving the main differences that the increase in spending has been larger than say a McCain might have done, and Obamacare has been pushed through. And frankly, Obamacare could very well be named McCain-Care given the same congressional make-up...

Look, we are broke. Our government is spending money so fast it has to print it out of thin air. You have to cut everything. Now. Not plan out an excel spreadsheet 20 years into the future when the GDP catches up to what we are spending now. Because frankly, the next 10 congresses will just keep voting for more increases and make that spreadsheet as valuable as an ice cream wrapper 25 minutes after the ice cream truck left the block.  If you think simply having the GOP in power insures any sort of balancing or reduction in spending especially, you have a different version of recent history than I do.
Read the whole thing.

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