Friday, October 11, 2013

Keep the fires stoked

Politicians can be ignorant twits, but they also have marvelous survival skills.  Ever notice how they only REALLY enrage the electorate halfway in between elections?

This poll indicates I'm far from the only one with the mindset of NIP'ing Congress next year:
Throw the bums out.
That’s the message 60 percent of Americans are sending to Washington in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, saying if they had the chance to vote to defeat and replace every single member of Congress, including their own representative, they would. Just 35 percent say they would not.    (emphasis added)
The 60 percent figure is the highest-ever in that question recorded in the poll...

Now we're getting somewhere.  But in order for this to mean anything, America has to give up its long love affair with short attention spans.  The clowns (in all of the branches of government) who brought on the current circus in D.C. will still be clowns a year from now.  They'll just seem more contrite and telegenic then, because balloting is at hand.

Americans MUST make clear there will be a reckoning... that we will NOT forget, nor forgive the arrogance and buffoonery of recent years.  That declaration must be loud and consistent, so there can be no 'surprises' on voting day 2014 that result in the same stuff, different Congress. 

Continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  Are you really that crazy, America?

Keep the skeer on!

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