Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Devolution of power

I suspect there is much insight in this piece:
In these climax years of industrial technocratic society, two opposing forces shape the destiny of government: the desperate effort to control everything versus the decline of the ability to carry out that effort. The result will be the loss of legitimacy and the collapse of government from the highest levels, moving downward until the real power to make anything work re-sets at a feasible and appropriate level — probably very local. This dynamic is seen very clearly in three spectacles du jour: the “national security” (spying) mess, government-sponsored accounting fraud in finance, and the ObamaCare rollout.
 The Founders never intended for a unitary, all-powerful national government.  Though they may have disagreed in degree regarding its scope, all were in agreement that some matters were best left to State and local governance.  Today, however, our body politic has lost the temperament that allowed federalism to flourish.  EVERYTHING has to be a Federal matter, the best to enforce the "winning faction's" view on everybody.  Besides, as the Instapundit likes to point out, national-scale programs provide better opportunity for graft and corruption.

Both liberals and 'conservatives' claim to abhor this 'one size fits all' approach -- except, of course, when it suits their agenda.  For those who truly understand the concept of federalism, though, the answer is to stop looking for top-down solutions emanating from D.C.  Instead, look to local solutions to local problems... and then block Uncle Sam when he tries to "help."  Don't take his money, which is simply your money plus strings attached.  Seek to reduce his funding stream wherever possible.  Insist on freedom of local action, and brook no overlordship.

Freedom depends on it.

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