Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ignorance explained in one image...

This is why I include a number of non-U.S. media outlets--or at least non-U.S. editions--in my news digests:

So, a week after President Obama and his team were Punk'd by Putin over Syria, the rest of the world is reading a cover feature analyzing the Russian leader's agenda, while in America the focus is on whether college athletes should be paid.  Granted, at least some form of the Putin article also appears in the U.S. edition, but it's certainly not the issue's marquee piece.

Some will see this as (yet more) evidence of the U.S. corporate media carrying water for the Administration.  Others will (rightfully) point out that news organizations skew their coverage in the manner likely to generate the most sales/views. 

Both of which explains a lot about Americans' ignorance of the world at large...

(Ed note: the image above is a modified screenshot of the Time Magazine page that removed advertising and relocated the URL info in order to 'square off' the image.  No other modifications were made.  The link to the actual page is above and here.)

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