Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weapons of Mass Distraction redux

The scandals and revelations continue apace: the FBI is using drones for domestic surveillance; recent disclosures about the NSA are confirmed by those who tried (unsuccessfully) to whistleblow within the system; the State Department is both hiring prostitutes and 'prostituting' its employees out to insiders; and several years of 'stimulus' has had all the economic effect of shock paddles that aren't plugged in.

What's a government to do?

Why, rally 'round the flag, of course!  There are BAD GUYS out there!  And we're SURE they have and are using chemical weapons!  The horror!  Somebody has to do something!

Thus does the vaunted U.S. war machine spring into action again.  And once again, nobody in authority is bothering to ask under what legal provisions the President is preparing to declare a 'no-fly zone' in what is sure to be contested airspace, or deploying forces to aid and abet one side of a civil war halfway across the world.

Did Congress declare war, and I missed it?  Thought not.  Were we attacked by Syria, and I missed it?  Thought not.

Why does Congress not hold the Executive accountable for exceeding his Constitutional authority?  Because our foreign adventurism serves them well, too.  The District of Corruption thrives on two things: dispensing welfare and warfare. 

Too bad it's the rest of us who foot the bills.

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