Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stay on target...

Roger Simon makes a good point about yesterday's Supreme Court voiding of the 'Defense of Marriage Act:'
One thing Obama and his minions thrive on is distraction — and protest of gay marriage will be distraction one, I promise you.

Play offense, not defense.

You want some offense to play? Here’s a few: the IRS, Benghazi, Obamacare, the dreadful economy, massive unemployment, a deficit the size of Mars, fifty million people on food stamps, every citizen in the country being spied on, scientific nonsense about global warming, the blocking of U.S. energy resources, kowtowing to Islamofascists, Fast and Furious and the rest of the misuses of the Justice Department, porous borders, Mexican drug cartels, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, the Muslim Brotherhood, nuclear Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, etc., etc., etc.

All that and you still want to worry about gays getting married?
Don't get me wrong -- unlike Simon, I fully realize how the SCOTUS ruling opens the door for even more 'lawfare' against the Church (which, to be fair, has some internal cleanup to do about their own emphasis on the sanctity of Biblical marriage--sin is sin, period).  Those behind this campaign have never been satisfied with 'freedom' or 'equality.'  For many of them, the fight won't stop until everyone is bludgeoned into publicly affirming the so-called 'alternative lifestyles.'

That fight is coming in the long term, whether we want it or not. 

In the immediate term, however, the issue provides a useful "look, squirrel!" sidetrack to the increasing pressure the Administration has been feeling on multiple fronts.  And this won't be the only distraction offered up -- the background drumming about Syria keeps that one warm in case it's needed to take the heat off.

Not to mention that while everyone is lathered up in reaction to the court ruling, the Senate looks to quietly pass a bill most Americans oppose...

Let's stop letting our ruling class lead us around by emotional manipulation, and stay focused on what really matters.  The only reference we need to make to yesterday's ruling is how it, too, emphasizes the main point:

Government today is involved in way too much, and doesn't do of any of it well, except to abuse its privileges.  Time for a reset.

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