Friday, February 15, 2013

State of the Union

Let's look at some indicators:

1) Cities like Chicago are more deadly for U.S. citizens than Afghanistan is for U.S. troops.  Despite "gun control."

2) After failing to pass a budget for FOUR STRAIGHT years, a Congresswoman complains about the possibility that sequestration might cause a Congressional pay cut, and manages to invoke "respect" and "dignity" with a straight face...

3) Fresh from his epic achievement of banning Big Gulps, Mayor Bloomberg is now after the public menace of styrofoam containers.  It's all about the priorities...

4) Fraud is rampant in the housing market, as it's increasingly evident the paper trail on a significant percentage of properties vaporized during the "boom years" due to aggressive sloppiness and greed.

5) Overzealous and trigger-happy law enforcement has become more hazardous to citizens than to criminals.

But perhaps most important of all:

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