Monday, February 11, 2013

Droning on and on...

In the previous post, I mentioned the potential for more 'accidental' targeting of innocent civilians, should domestic drone usage become an accepted practice in the U.S.

Right on cue, it appears we're getting closer to that reality.  Perhaps these are only unarmed surveillance vehicles.  For now.  But it's only a matter of time before the inexorable 'logic' of "well, if we can see them, why can't we shoot them" changes that.

Regardless the circumstances that led to this man "going rogue," the U.S. Constitution correctly provides he should have his day in court.  Past precedent is that a suspect is to be taken into custody unless they pose an imminent threat to life.  That leaves us all, when under accusation, with the choice of surrendering and taking our chances with the system.  An armed drone does not provide this option.  As a nation we've been playing remote-control Judge Dredd overseas for some time now.  History shows that imperial foreign policies have a nasty way of becoming domestic ones.

I, for one, do NOT welcome our new robotic overlords...

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