Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Qui bono?

As the Statists, led by Senator Feinstein, prepare what they hope will be a final "over the top" assault on the 2nd Amendment, it's worth asking just how well ANY government proscription works:
...would such a ban actually be effective and enforceable? A question for Mr. Gregory - in terms of black market activity and keeping high capacity magazines away from aspiring criminals, does he think that manufacturing a thirty dollar metal box with springs is too complex for a criminal enterprise to undertake?
How would he rank the complexity of manufacturing a magazine with, hmm, distilling whiskey? Growing and harvesting marijuana? Converting opium to heroin? Converting Sudafed to chrystal meth?
My goodness - the drug cartels can make mini-subs. Will we really be able to stop determined criminals from buying steel boxes with springs?
The comparison with the Sudafed restrictions is an apt one.  The law-abiding are disproportionately inconvenienced by such "get tough measures."  Does anyone really believe limiting quantities of cold medicine has put a dent in overall meth production?  By the same token, is it reasonable to believe that limiting legal access to firearms and their accessories will in any way disarm criminal elements?

Who really benefits from these exercises in futility -- Prohibition, the "War on Drugs," and so forth?

Only those who desire the accumulation and exercise of power.

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