Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can I get a testimony?

From the Secretary of State, apparently not:

Her Royal High-horse-ness deftly illustrated on Capitol Hill a number of conditions all at once: the unwillingness of Congress to truly press for inconvenient truths; the lack of any sense of accountability on the part of our national leaders; and the easy manipulation of the public at large.

What does it matter? Let me count the ways:
- Putting out a false narrative at the height of a contested presidential election... does it matter if this was done deliberately?

- Does it matter that the government imprisoned a filmmaker, accusing him of inciting riots that led to American deaths, when it is now (and likely was then) obvious this was a planned attack by militants who really don't need a provocation?

- Does it matter that by painting the attacks in Benghazi as somehow understandable in light of an offensive film, and taking action against the filmmaker, the U.S. government has further empowered the Islamist tool of 'grievance blackmail?'

- Does it matter that we still have no answers about why local requests for extra security went unheeded in D.C., while at the same time the U.S. Ambassador was sent on a trip that left him needlessly exposed in a deteriorating environment?

- Does it matter that other nations accuse the US of arming factions in Libya that are now wrecking havoc in Mali, and that it would surprise few people to learn our government did, in fact, once again gave weaponry to unreliable 'allies?'

Isn't it amazing how the press can be dogged about questions like "what did he know, and when did he know it" with one administration suspected of misleading the public, while all but giving a pass to another? Any crisis like the one in Benghazi creates questions that aren't easily answered quickly or accurately. Nevertheless, I firmly believe the administration created narrative confusion for electoral advantage, and quite possibly to shift focus from some policy faux pas. This cannot be passed as acceptible behavior in our elected officials... but given Congress' tepid and uneven performance at pushing for hard answers, it looks like it will.

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