Friday, November 30, 2012

Yes. Next Question?

Reason Magazine's "Hit and Run" blog asks,

"Is John Boehner Dumb Enough to Take $400 Billion in Cuts a Decade From Now in Exchange for $1.2 Trillion in Tax Hikes That Start ASAP?

Let's be real for a moment: this is standard operating procedure in D.C., and has been for decades.  Future cuts are 'promised' to make the immediate tax hikes marginally more palatable for the rubes outside the Beltway.  Problem is, the cuts never materialize.  Government spending only ratchets upward:

What's worse than the proposed tax increases is the continuing destruction of the dollar's value.  That 'stealth tax' of inflation, more than anything else, has robbed two generations (and counting) of Americans of their savings and earning power.  And this underhanded process is only accelerating...

((Double HT to Instapundit, both for the Reason link, and the inspiration for the post title. Surprised he didn't use it himself this time -- but I'm happy to help cover!))

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