Monday, November 05, 2012

Remember, remember...

It seems Guy Fawkes is now an established meme within American politics.  Not sure that's a good omen but I have to say, I appreciate this poetic update (excerpt below):
Remember, remember, this sixth of November,
The radicals’ treasonous plot.
I know of no reason the radicals’ treason
Should e’er be forgiv’n or forgot.

...  ...

And thus it began – this nefarious plan – and
The radicals slowly took charge:
Complete infiltration of all education;
The long institutional march.

The journalist schools would produce useful fools, for
The Left would need media shills.
And Hollywood, too, would assist in the coup, with
Its slick propagandizing skills.

“Community action” would build a new faction;
’Twould organize proles on the street.
A smooth politician would front for the mission,
And run for the president’s seat...

The complete composition is here.

Some pundits predict this election could be a squeaker in the model of the 2000 election.  Our information is so packaged today that I don't believe I have enough objective data to assess that.  One thing I do know: despite the partisan animosity, the Bush-Gore race was decided without resort to force.  In the 12 years since, the vitriol has grown exponentially greater in all quarters.  More concerning, there is a parallel loss of trust and community.  Many Americans now view each other as adversaries, in a way we have not experienced in some time.

Regardless our individual politics or the outcome on Tuesday, let's all keep our nation in prayer.  We've come to take peaceful elections -- and our freedoms -- for granted.

They aren't.

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