Friday, November 02, 2012

Feeding the kids...

There's a lot of crap fed to kids in public schools.  Oh, and they don't always get a good education, either...
Since 2011, 244 of Chicago’s 681 schools failed at least one inspection, according to a review of city health department inspections by the 2 Investigators. That’s 35 percent with at least one failed inspection.

The Anton Dvorak Elementary School had the worst record. Since 2011, Dvorak has failed city health inspections six times for reasons such as no hot water in bathroom sinks, food kept at unsafe temperatures and more than 200 rodent droppings found in food service areas.

At Cameron Elementary, inspectors found a mice dropping infestation in the main kitchen, with “more than 600 scattered” droppings.  ... at Hirsch Metro High School. Mice got into some nachos and several students actually got sick eating rodent droppings.

Other schools that failed inspections include Farragut Academy, where inspectors said there were too many droppings too count; Songhai Learning Academy, where a live snake was found stuck to glue paper in the kitchen; and Ariel Academy, where inspectors heard “gnawing sounds” in the wall.

“Makes you wonder if you are talking about a Chicago public school or a Chicago public zoo,” Shelke says.

To be fair, this isn't just a Chicago issue.  Public schools across the country are increasingly indistinguishable from public zoos... think carefully before you outsource your child's education and nutrition...

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