Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The rise of "Dronespierre?"

Uncle Sam continues -- quietly, out of the spotlight -- planning to infest American skies with an ever-present Eye:
The US Department of Homeland Security this week issued a call for unmanned systems makers to participate in a program that will ultimately determine their safety and performance for use in first responder, law enforcement and border security situations.
In a twist that will certainly raise some eyebrows,  the program's results  of the ironically named program -- The Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety (RAPS) --  will remain unavailable to the public, which considering how involved the actual public may be with these drones is shall we say, unfortunate. Specifically the DHS says: "The information within each test report will be classified as For Official Use Only, and will not be shared with the general public. All company-restricted information will remain proprietary to the SUAS provider, and not shared publicly without explicit consent."  ...
Such tests are part of the government's drive to get unmanned aircraft approved for general access to the skies over the US.   
No need to worry, though.  It's all for 'public safety' -- says so, right there in the name.  And we all know nothing bad could happen under that moniker...

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