Thursday, October 04, 2012

Beware the cornered animal

I continue to be seriously concerned that America will step up to open involvement in yet another foreign conflict before Election Day.  Consider:

- Forces continue to flow into position in the Middle East
- Sanctions on Iran have begun to bear fruit, including hyperinflation that's causing public unrest and a government response.
- Turkey fired shells into Syria today, in response to Syrian shelling of Turkish territory.  Left under-reported is the fact that several western nations are backing Syrian rebels who are operating from locations conveniently just over the Turkish border.  Not to defend the Assad regime, but is it really difficult to understand what we would do if foreign powers were abetting insurgents attacking the U.S. from Mexico or Canada?  (Sorry... I briefly forgot the rule that it's always right when "we" do it...)

- The president, despite the advantages of incumbency, is statistically tied with Romney.
- America has a tendency to 'rally 'round the flag' in times of crisis... a possible last-ditch trump card
- And finally, there continues to be a strong imperial lobby in this nation

Too cynical, you say?  Too conspiratorial, you say?

I say the track record of the powers that be justify my cynicism.  In fact, it's only a lifetime of habit that keeps me from the conclusion our government has lost all legitimacy.

Gather all the information you can... not just what you're fed from corporate media.
Think for yourself.
Don't follow the herd.
Look locally, not globally.  Don't let charlatans distract you with other peoples' problems while they create some at home for you!

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Jim said...

JT - did your see Bob Woodward's comments that President Obama was somehow distracted, maybe a personal or an intelligence issue? Your view is sadly too real!

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