Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Completely incomplete

The president recently gained attention by giving his administration an "incomplete" grade for the past four years.  Some of us would say "thank God" they didn't get to do everything they wanted.  Given four straight years of trillion-dollar deficits, it's frightening to think what ELSE they might have done.

Meanwhile, we apparently continue to pay handsome salaries to these "public servants" (cough, cough) who can't seem to perform the basic functions of their job descriptions:

- Obama skips half his daily intelligence briefings
- Congress takes up stopgap spending bill

Job #1 of the Executive branch is to be aware of, and prepare for, threats to national security.
Job #1 of the Congress is to PASS THE FREAKIN' ANNUAL BUDGET!  (Something they've failed to do, four years running now)

One writer suggests we need a "none of the above" option on all ballots for Federal elections.  That's a great thought, but I'd go a step further: we need a "disband this useless apparatus" option.

At a minimum, it'd be nice if we could at least withhold these 536 paychecks unless/until Job #1 gets done.  Want to reduce the deficit?  Here's a start...

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