Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A fellow traveler

I could have written this... our journeys of perspective have a lot in common...

Sorry there has been several days of silence.  The strange thing has been that, after six-plus years of musings, I've actually not been able to bring myself to blog this week.  Not from a lack of material -- there's never a shortage of that.  Perhaps I've simply been a little more introspective than usual lately.

I started the "Rebooting America" line of thought to take a building block approach to examine where the foundation has eroded away.  Yet I find I can't seem to continue it; a part of me thinks that foundation is too far gone.  I'm also very concerned about the days ahead.  Our elections are less about principals than they are about power.  And with the "race" (such as it is) considered unusually close, I fully expect a nasty "October surprise."  The most likely candidate would be a fight of some sort with Iran, despite the president's public posturing that such is not on the table.

Words, meet actions.

It's not my intention to stop blogging -- I'm told the mark of a writer is that they're driven to write, whether anyone reads it or not.  I do think, however, in the weeks running up to our farcical "choice" in November, I may have less to say.  There are kids to hug, a wife to love, and plenty of real things to concern myself with... and not knowing what lies before and beyond the election seems to give that added weight in my heart right now.

While I may be a pessimist in the midst of a heavy dose, never forget that I'm also an 'eternal' optimist.  That same optimism and hope (as opposed to the Hopey-Changey imitation) is available to anyone who asks.  One of my continued prayers is that all who choose to frequent this site (all five or six of you!) share in this hope.

More to follow, as it seems appropriate.

Peace and blessings,


Jim said...

My Dear Friend - (and I believe I can call you friend and brother based on your "conversation") I know you know this, but it bears repeating for your edification (and heaven knows I need this too) -- "And let us not be weary in well doing, we shall reap if we faint not."

Hang in there -- I too am taken back with very real events of this present evil world.

Your posts are great -- i admire your tenacity and will power to speak the truth regardless of the reward or implications.

Regardless if any person every recognized your efforts, rest in the fact that God keeps the best records and His rewards are unimaginable!

I appreciate you brother.


Jemison Thorsby said...

Thanks, Jim.

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