Monday, August 13, 2012

Your government at work

It's so easy for people to look at a problem and say "government should do something about that." But one has to wonder WHY anyone would think the government has any business taking on the management of, say, healthcare, when they have such a poor track record of executing the responsibilities they already have:

- Congress has not passed a budget for nearly four years (the government has operated in that time under an ongoing series of ad hoc "continuing resolutions")

- Treasury Secretary admits, under oath, that he hid LIBOR rate fraud

- USDA spends $2 million to hire one intern

- Federal judges spend $1 million to hold conference... in Hawaii...

- Missile Defense Director tells employees to stop watching porn at work

- Former border patrol agents convicted of human smuggling

- Audit: more than $200 million wasted on Iraqi police training

Yeah, I'm inspired to hand over more functions to Uncle Sam, aren't you?

* Note: I debated whether to post this on a Monday, but since those are usually downers anyway, I figured why ruin another perfectly good day of the week?  You're welcome...

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