Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why public schools don't improve

 Summary of the story:

- Kid spills water
- Vice Principal 'punishes' him (and 14 others of the same ethnicity) by having them eat off paper liners on the gym floor for two weeks
- Teacher advises kids to tell their parents what's happening to them
- Teacher gets fired
- Teacher sues, wins $75,000 from the school district taxpayers
- Several students sue, winning $500,000 from the school district taxpayers

...Vice Principal gets fired transferred...

Tell me again how I'm ruining the Musketeers by homeschooling them?

UPDATE: The Musketeer's Mom pointed out the position in question is "principal," not "principle."  Unlike my fortunate kids, I, too, am a product of publik edukashun...

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