Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tomorrow never comes

In high school, my friends and I had a teacher who drove a gently used 1966 Mustang that was in prime condition.  Having just reached driving age, naturally we all kidded him about taking it for a spin.
"Tomorrow," he'd always answer.
The next day, we'd remind him of his pledge.
"Yes... tomorrow..."

Little did we know this running joke was preparing us for our dealings with Congress:
One principal lesson can be drawn from this experience. It happens all the time that Congressional leaders will trumpet a budget agreement that allegedly saves the taxpayers trillions of dollars–not now, of course, but in the “out years.” But the out years never come. Tax increases are rarely deferred to the out years; they take place now, when it counts. But spending cuts? Never today, always tomorrow.

Only one candidate is serious about reigning in spending.  Naturally, in today's climate of fiscal irresponsibility, he's considered a kook.

Tomorrow... you're only always a day away...

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