Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Government - simply a bad investment?

Those who favor growing the power of the state seem to always be talking about "investing" in people.  Whether it's education, infrastructure, 'renewable technologies' -- the public is urged to entrust their tax dollars to these farsighted functionaries.

How's that been working out lately?  Farsighted?  The government can't even HIRE people with effective second sight!

Other recent 'investment' whiffs:

- Lots of fun in the sun

- A re-Volting effort to subsidize electric cars... both through tax rebates and $4/gal gas prices! 

- Driving up college costs by enabling people to take out loans their degrees will never repay

- Deploying trillions of 'stimulus' dollars... to make the unemployment rate worse...

The private free market isn't perfect--no human institution is.  But at least in that sector, one can easily withdraw support from failing propositions.  Unfortunately, the IRS doesn't take kindly to stopping your periodic investments in whatever Uncle Sam's latest "can't miss" scheme is.

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