Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Social totalitarianism

Yet another exhibit regarding why I plan *NEVER* to live in a condo or a neighborhood with a homeowner's association:
Kimberly Bois’ tiny front yard garden isn’t much to look at right now. But in a few weeks, it’ll be in full bloom, and every blossom will cost her dearly.
Even though she says her builder gave her permission to do a little planting, the current condo board now says she’s in violation.
They’re charging the Portsmouth, New Hampshire homeowner $50 a day for being so petal pushy. That fine has reached close to $6,000, plus the board’s legal fees.
“It’s just not a happy place to live anymore for me,” says Bois, who planted the small flower bed with the help of her mother, who has since passed away.
The reasoning:
Board members have told Bois they just want all the units to look the same.
That seems to sum up the trend line in the U.S.: everyone must think, act, and live the same way, with complete equality of outcome and living standard... even if that means tearing everything down to the lowest common denominator.  Now we're placing liens on people's homes over flowers?  Really?  Let's hope the yearning for liberty continues to bloom...

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