Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quotes of the day

Those who refuse to learn from the past...
"The media is getting the Trayvon Martin story wrong," Michael Brendan Dougherty wrote on, comparing it to the 2006 Duke lacrosse case, in which three members of the lacrosse team were accused of rape, resulting in a media firestorm and public outcry. The accuser's case unraveled, and the charges were eventually dropped.

"Oh how little we have learned," David Shane wrote on The media has rushed to judgment yet again. Now, it's quite possible that Zimmerman is guilty of everything his worst foes accuse him of. There is plenty about this case that troubles me. But that's exactly the point—I don't know. Neither does anyone else, and both the scope and tone of the media coverage ought to reflect that fact."
But then, sober reflection and a wait-and-see attitude doesn't support the agendas of certain groups... even if the facts do eventually turn out to support their assumptions.   (Remember: ONLY approved groups can leap to conclusions based on ethnic data without being called 'racist.'  Don't try this at home...)

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