Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No longer any pretense

It's instructive to see how frequently Uncle Sam does exactly what his constituents want him not to.  Or how often he meddles in local decisions that run athwart his efforts at the final consolidation of all power into his hands:
The Justice Department's civil rights division on Monday objected to a new photo ID requirement for voters in Texas because many Hispanic voters lack state-issued identification. 
Texas follows South Carolina as the second state in recent months to become embroiled in a court battle with the Justice Department over new photo ID requirements for voters.
Meanwhile, Sam insists States not attempt to do the "jobs he won't do:"
Two months before the Supreme Court hears arguments over Arizona's controversial new immigration law, another courtroom battle will take center stage, this time over Alabama's immigration crackdown.
On Thursday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, will hear arguments over whether a state can pass tough new measures to crack down on illegal immigrants, a power typically reserved for the federal government.
The current administration is at least consistent in this regard: legislatures in Arizona, Utah, Alabama and Georgia have passed measures in the last two years to enable local law enforcement to detect and detain illegal immigrants.  In every case, the Obama Dept. of Justice has sued the States to block implementation.

Our last vestiges of sovereignty and self-determination are now under assault.  If anyone may freely move to the country and take up residence, than 'official status' is meaningless.  If anyone can show up at a polling station without any form of identification, and vote, then citizenship is meaningless.  Polls consistently show Americans concerned over these developments.  Since the Federal government is actively blocking attempts to address those concerns, it is not operating with the consent of the governed.  Indeed, from the wars overseas to various mandates at home, Uncle Sam is openly defying the will of the governed.

Our Founders had some words to say about such a situation...

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