Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cowardly viewpoint discrimination

Two nearly identical ads were submitted to the New York Times.  Only one ran.

The Times, in its best condescending elitist pose, claims the decision is meant to avoid inflaming Islamic opinion, thus 'endangering U.S. troops.'

Since such considerations didn't stop that paper from running FRONT PAGE stories on Abu Grahib for THIRTY-TWO consecutive days in 2004, I call 'Baloney Sandwich.'

The necks they're trying to preserve don't wear uniforms in Afghanistan.  They wear ties in New York City.  Catholics generally don't throw violent temper tantrums when insulted.  Other groups... well, someone at a news publication could get hurt, don't you know.

Cowards.  The New York Times has forever forfeited any claim to be a defender of free speech and public discourse.  Not that that won't keep them from trying anyway.

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