Monday, February 27, 2012

Security theater takes an intermission

If this were an isolated failure, perhaps I wouldn't be so quick to wonder why the HELL we put up with any of the abuses of our liberties and dignities by this monstrous spawn of the Federal Government (aka TSA):
Terminal B at Sacramento International Airport was shut down temporarily after five people got past an unattended security checkpoint.
The security breach happened Saturday when a walk-through metal detector was left unattended for less than a minute, officials said.
After noticing it was unattended, Transportation Security Administration officials closed the checkpoint and went to search for the five individuals that got by. Police were called to help.
"All five individuals were located and were brought back to the checkpoint and rescreened as a precaution," according to a statement from the TSA.

Since the economy's doing so well it's hard to find people needing a job, TSA couldn't afford to let go the two who abandoned their post.  But fear not, they're undergoing "additional training."

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