Monday, January 09, 2012

And God laughed...

I don't believe God cares a whit about the outcome of sporting events.  I do believe the Bible makes clear He honors those who honor Him.  And since we're told humanity is made in His image, it's safe to say He has a sense of humor.

How else to explain a much maligned quarterback, accused of having no real passing skill, lighting up the Steelers in overtime with an 80-yard strike?  To add to the mirth, Denver racked up the most passing yards of any team against Pittsburgh this season... a not-so-subtle 316 yards.

Tebow may never be considered an elite quarterback.  But he has consistently demonstrated a humility and thankfulness to God for his gifts.  It would seem God has returned the love, much to the chagrin of those who hate Tebow with an irrational passion comparable to those who hated his Lord.

Laughing along with you, God!  I pray you continue to guard the heart of this servant; protect him from the temptations this world offers to those who taste "success."  Don't let him stumble, so that Your name is mocked.  Instead, continue to show Your strength in his weakness.

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