Sunday, November 06, 2011

Scriptural ignorance

It's mildly amusing to watch politicians spend one day talking about how religion shouldn't influence politics, then turn around another day and quote 'scripture' to support their own position.  Even more amusing is when they do so... and get it wrong:
The White House proved itself Scripturally challenged Wednesday (Nov. 2) when Press Secretary Jay Carney said: “I believe the phrase from the Bible is, ‘The Lord helps those who help themselves.’”

The phrase that’s often attributed to the Good Book most likely comes from Benjamin Franklin and possibly the ancient Greeks, and the White House felt obligated to add a note to the transcript of Carney’s briefing: “This common phrase does not appear in the Bible.”  Embarrassing perhaps, but not uncommon.

Christian pollster George Barna has asked Americans repeatedly about the saying, and consistently found that a majority attributes it to the Bible. In 2000, 75 percent of Americans surveyed by Barna attributed the phrase to the Bible.
As the article notes, it's hard to cast stones at such leadership faux pas when the majority of the country would fare no better.  And that's a sad commentary on the state of Biblical literacy in America, 2011.

How would you do?  Do you really know who you're quoting?

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